Hebrews 13:8

Hebrews 13:8

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.”

                    It’s not rare to wake up to an avalanche of change. People, things, this world; they all could not be more unreliable for the most part. Most of the time the most constant thing is change. Being a person for the most part who hates change, it’s not always an easy world to live in based on this, good thing the center of God’s will is not about how easy it is for me or my happiness. One of the facets that make God so great to rest upon as our rock is that He does not change. As Christians, it is so easy to try to change God in our minds to fit what we think he should be, when rather we should be changing ourselves, as God is perfect so he can’t change, he cannot become more or less perfect, he is exactly where he has been yesterday, is today, and will be forever: perfect.

It has been a really long week, a really long few years actually. I get tired a lot, a lot of times it would be easier to just pull the covers back over my head and sleep. Yet every time I feel that way, it is honestly that I am not trusting in God and His promises. God has promised that though everything may fade away His word will remain. He is not just speaking of the word of His Bible, for it is his present constant speaking that makes the word of the Bible come alive. God is by no means only limited to speaking through His word, it just involves us being quiet enough and listening enough to hear the still small voice always calling out, beckoning us, to communion with Him. Today I was talking with some friends about heaven, we talked about being able to get the full picture, seeing all our heroes from the Bible, and then all at once we all realized how much none of that will matter. It really won’t. The only thing that will be of importance will be being in the presence of God. Yet that understanding we get when thinking of eternity should be how we live every day, in light of eternity. Because honestly, life is long and hard and full of trials and problems and overwhelming-ness and we were never built to handle death and all that constantly weighs down on us. We were built to worship and have constant communion with our Savior. The burdens of pride and artificiality and carrying shame for things outside of sin will weigh us down and kill us. All of that needs to be crucified, and the thing about crucifixion is that it does not leave its victims hanging there forever, there comes a final death, and then an beautiful resurrection in which there is joy and experiencing the presence of God, free to do so. Life is hard, but in the light of eternity, that matters less than negative zero. Jesus remains; Jesus is the same, yesterday, today, and forevermore.


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