Numbers 11:23

                  “And the Lord said to Moses, “Is the Lord’s hand shortened? Now you shall see whether my word will come true for you or not.”

                     I thought of something the other night, after the Lord had worked in a mighty way in my life. My friend and I were out on the balcony, talking about the goodness of God and all that he has done, sharing some personal testimonies from our own lives and even things happening in this season. We talked about how despite ourselves that the Lord can still use us one of the things that would make God seem so doubtable to this world is how great He is. Seriously. From the standpoint of a nonbeliever, I believe I would hear about this amazing God and think, “there is no way, he must be a liar or a lunatic but not Lord, why would he love me” Sin has that affect on us, I mean look at the garden of eden, sin always involves shame, a sense of fake-ness, hiding, and putting on a mask. More often than not its self-shame and self-condemnation that keeps US away from Christ, as he tries to reach out to us as we run the other direction. That is why God tells us to pick up a cross, and crucify our flesh, for once the flesh is crucified the Spirit within us resurrects and we can have full communion with Christ because the veil is split in two, top to bottom, God reaching out to man. God is so good. One thing I have been open about in my life is my doubt. I doubt that the Lord will really use me or that His promises are for my life too. One thing that he has convicted me about is trying to make things happen by MY OWN hand. I can talk my way in and out of things very easily and I praise the Lord he has broken me of that, the Lord has also been telling me to stand back and have faith, have faith in him, let go and let him do the work, because if I do it by my own hand then where is the miracle in it? It has been radical in Cambodia. The Lord even confirmed some things that I would have and did deem crazy as far as His will for my life, things that He has been telling me, and after the Lord gave radical confirmation I was tempted to go out and try to accomplish these things, then the Lord said stop and wait, be patient, lay it down, let me. And in a radical way that I could have never done, in a way that I could have never planned, once I layed down the wants and desires and way I thought things should be done he picked them up and one hundred fold brought the promise to pass, now this is not a formula, saying that if you lay something down have faith and God will do that, maybe not, but treat it like Abraham and Isaac. Have faith. Intercede for others and have faith, pray moment by moment having faith, and then watch to see what the Lord does with the mustard seed. The Lord cannot bless doubt; He can bless and honor faith. We are not called to produce fruit, but to bear fruit, and when we come before the Lord asking for faith He will honor us as a Father who knows how to give to His children what they need.


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