Psalm 93:4

Psalm 93:4


“Mightier than the thunders of many waters, mightier than the waves of the sea, the LORD oh high is mighty!”


            God is mighty; God is sovereign. No matter where I am or what I am doing God is in total control. Overall the Lord reigns.

It is cool that this verse was for this week, it really matches how I have been feeling and what the Lord has been showing me lately. He has been convicting me of how many times I get caught up on the small picture, or thinking that I know more than I really do. So many times I run on intuition and try to solve problems by what I think I know and do a poor job of it because all along I could have stopped and prayed and asked for wisdom on what to do. So many times God is simply asking me to stop and just have patience. Have patience and wait upon the fact that He is God, He is mighty, and I can just rest. It is when I am running around trying to solve problems or do my own thing that I make really foolish mistakes. Life is so much easier when I am not controlling it. I still have three more months here, but the “questions” are starting to already be asked to me, “What are you going to do when you get home?” “Where are you going to live?” “Are you going to college?” I honestly do not know the answer to any of these, I have no plans, and living without plans is one of the best things that have ever happened to my life. I could have never planned to live in Guatemala or Cambodia but letting go and letting God direct has been exponentially greater than if I had tried to plan my life. I am not against planning, or having a dream or vision for what one wants to do with their life, but controlling is not our job.

I mentioned in my last IBS about God being our Shepherd and Him leading us. In the book about Psalm 23 that I was reading, there are countless examples of when the Shepherd tried to lead, the sheep rebelled, and how the sheep then got hurt or even killed because their ignorant rebellion. I would rather not have to go through the pain of correction or deal with the consequences of mistakes I have made that could have easily been avoided if I patiently waited upon the Lord and His leading. One thing I have realized is sometimes I make a poor decision because I lack patience to hear from God and have the instinct just to do something. A root to a lack of patience is a lack of trust in Gods sovereignty. If I know God is in control, then I will have less anxiety and more peace to wait upon Him. This is something I know, it is a matter of letting it go from my head to my heart and applying it to my life through prayer and accountability. God is mighty; God is sovereign; I am not; I should never act like I am.


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