Micah 5:4

“And he shall stand and shepherd his flock in the strength of the Lord, in the majesty of the name of the Lord his God. And they shall dwell secure, for now he shall be great, to the ends of the earth.”


When I first read this verse, it was a lot to take in, I wanted to wait a few days to let God use it to speak to me before I just wrote something about it, I waited in faith for God to use it, and he honoured my faith. 3I love living overseas, I love living in Cambodia and waking up in a different country, in another culture, and I love getting to teach students English. That being said, not all days are easy, of course, as not all days would be easy if I was living in the states. The past few weeks were a little bit more difficult in that aspect of living in a different country. Many things were happening back at home, all unconnected, just a lot happening all at once, I was losing sleep, all I wanted to do was help, but I felt helpless living thousands of miles away. God in a still small voice in the sweetest voice reminded me that it’s not what I’ve been called too and I decided to take a fast and just really speak to the Lord, and let him handle all of it. Just at that time that I felt God telling me to take my hands off of everything and just lift them up to him in surrender he sent me this verse. He is the good shepherd, not just to me but also to all. It reminds me of the line in the song that goes, “bind my wandering heart to thee”. I love the second part of the verse where it talks about how the flock will, “dwell secure, for now he shall be great to the ends of the earth.” I’m always glad I don’t have to sit and try to explain to God where I am and what it’s like and different happening and occurrences in life, for He dwells with me here, to the ENDS OF THE EARTH. I wish I had the words to express all that God has been teaching and revealing to me lately. God has allowed me to have deeper connections and conversations with him than I would venture to say ever before in my life. Like a fountain flowing he has been pouring out His Holy Spirit here. God has been calling me to go deeper into faith than ever before but not just leaving me with a calling to do so, rather enabling me to do so. A quote from Wiersbe goes, “It has well been said that Gods commandments are Gods enablement’s. ” I just finished an amazing book by Warren Wiersbe called, “The bumps are what you climb on”, it has been an encouragement to me this season. The book is about how trials are like rocks in the path of life up a mountain. God may not remove the trials but rather enable us to use them to climb, as in the Psalms it says, “honey out of the rock” out of trials may pour sweetness like the end of job, in job 38, the honey from the rock was in the end and beginning God is and was and always will be. Not only is God shepherd but also dwelling under his wing is dwelling in his presence, under the wings of the Ark of the Covenant, such protection. I have seen God answering my prayers, and then I realized these past few months I have been praying more and in that giving God more room to answer them. One thing about prayer, is God has so humbled himself as to limit himself as to work through man, and there is power in when we pray out loud to him that his will may be done. Verse 5 in Micah 5 says, “and he shall be there peace…” by no means does that mean that there won’t be things that logic would scream at us to fear, it means the shepherd is before us, so we should not fear, it does not remove the things that would cause fear, but instead the promise makes those things invalid in the fact that the shepherd is protecting us, and forgetting fear, there is nothing to anxious of then, bringing me back to the fact that I can rest that God will take care of everything, at ALL end of the earth.


Application: I will journal my prayers more often, Nicole will keep me accountable.


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